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We all work hard and hopefully we all play harder. Each month We’re Outta Here gives our readers some of the finer places that you and yours can get away to for that nice trip on the road. Whether it be a romantic inn for two or a super region for your whole riding group, this monthly column will give you thoughts and ideas to keep traveling on your motorcycle always a fresh and new experience.

The Washington House

136 N Main St, Sellersville, PA 18960 • 215-257-3000

WashingtonOutsideLocated just west of the Delaware River, north of Philadelphia and south of the town of Bethlehem you will pass the town of Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

A lot of things have passed through this town since it was first found back in the early 18th century including the Liberty Bell that came through on a wagon, buried deep in hay and heavily guarded, on its way to an Allentown church where it was hidden under the floorboards, until the war was over.

Sellers Tavern, as it was known then, slowly began to grow and adopted the name Sellersville. A small creek ran through the town at the time and that was dammed in the early 20th century creating a small body of water known as Lake Lenape. Along the length of the lake, a park was built on Perkasie and Sellersville lands. In the 1920s and 1930s, this park housed a carousel, a roller coaster, and several other amusements. The railroad brought hundreds of people from Philadelphia in the summertime, and it became a well-known vacation spot for blue-collar city workers. The town was also home to the Radium Company of America, which was the largest uranium milling facility in the world at the time. A business operating under the name of the United States Gauge Company originated in Sellersville in 1904 and allegedly became a prominent manufacturer of gauges for military use, many of which were coated with radium-based paint for nighttime luminescence. The company later became instrumental in the production of nuclear weapons.

But, that was then and this is now.

Sellersville today is a neat little town and well worth aiming for when looking for something just a bit different and, we promise, a weekend spent at The Washington House will be a full one indeed.

What would become The Washington House was the first to obtain a tavern license somewhere back in the mid-1800s. The building itself was and is impressive. The walls are 22-inches thick and its iconic Tower Observatory still shines and add a unique flair and touch to the hotel today.

But still, the history of the hotel is worthy of seeking out.

The long bar found there today is not the original as, during the 1920s Prohibition went into effect, but the liquor was still served at The Washington House with the help of hiding places.

Eventually, federal agents, knowing something was up, but unable to find out what simply took the original wooden bar outside and destroyed it.

Thankfully, in 1933, Prohibition was repealed and the new bar was hand-carved by local craftsman J. R. Newbold, whose name is inscribed behind it.

Years before a huge stable was built next door to board horses belonging to patrons of The Washington House. Today this building is Sellersville Theater 1894.

In 2016 The Washington House underwent a huge restoration, allowing for a wonderful mix of colonial and modern. Yesterday and today.

The end result is most impressive.

WashingtonBedroomEleven beautiful rooms, found in different sizes and at reasonable prices ($150 on up). Large and very comfortable – you will find exposed brick and stone walls, some with sitting rooms, large open bathrooms and very, very comfortable beds.

The large sitting room at the top of the stairs is always open and coffee could be found at 5:30 Am – God Bless Them!!!

Downstairs the Washington House's restaurant is known as one of the region’s best and, with the bikes parked, having a drink at their beautiful and very long historic bar might be an excellent idea.

The restaurant has a number of dining rooms and we found the menu to have plenty from which to choose - plus the specials of the day – that were just that.

Right next door, at the Sellersville Theatre, you will find top-notch shows and entertainment.WashingtonCoffee

When we arrived on a Saturday afternoon we found a parking spot reserved for us (all hotel guests get this) and that comedian Rita Rudner would be performing two shows that night. Who doesn't like a good laugh? So, we bought tickets to the 9 pm show and settled into the spacious King Suite. Showered and refreshed we had a drink at the bar and then dinner, before strolling over to see Ms. Rudner – who was very funny!

Do you want to know another great thing about a place like The Washington House? You have a very comfortable room, early pre-dawn coffee, historic bar, fantabulous restaurant, a show and then…. late evening dessert!

Amen brothers and sisters.

The Washington House and the Sellersville Theatre 1894 are well worth seeking out. The surrounding roads of Bucks County, Pennsylvania can be both fun and, occasionally, challenging and there is plenty to see and do in the region.