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We all work hard and hopefully we all play harder. Each month We’re Outta Here gives our readers some of the finer places that you and yours can get away to for that nice trip on the road. Whether it be a romantic inn for two or a super region for your whole riding group, this monthly column will give you thoughts and ideas to keep traveling on your motorcycle always a fresh and new experience.

Kearsarge Inn

42 Seavey Street, North Conway, NH • 603-356-8700

KearsargeBikesRoomThe Kancamagus Highway is some 30 miles of wonder cutting through the White Mountain National Forest. It is often misspelled, and mispronounced as ‘Kank’ a ‘man’gus.

It was named after the last sagamore, or chief, of the Pennacooks, who dominated a confederation of Indian tribes living in New Hampshire in the 17th century. By the time the British got here the tribe was a shell of its former self and the man in charge of the British settlements, Major Richard Waldron, invited the Pennacooks to a feast. Waldron then seized a number of the tribe and sent them to Boston in chains. The rest fled their valley and moved north to Quebec to seek protection from the French. Four years later Kancamagus returned at the head of a raiding party that fell upon Dover and chopped the treacherous Waldron to pieces at his own dinner table.

Karma, baby!

In 1957, after debating whether or not Kancamagus was wrong to defend his people, the New Hampshire legislature voted to name the road after this last sagamore. As Representative Robert Monahan stated, “I’ll admit that the name may be a bit difficult,” he added, “but it’s easier to spell than Winnipesaukee and easier to pronounce than Chocorua.”

How about we just call it “The Kanc?”KearsargeRailroad

On its eastern side, just north a bit, you will find the busy town of North Conway - once home to Whitehorse Press (how we miss them) and the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Right across from the station you will find Seavey Street and in the middle of that our highly recommended stop for this month’s We’re Outta Here! – The Kearsarge Inn.

They like to call themselves “The Best Little Hotel Hidden in the Heart of North Conway Village” and with good reason.

When we arrived we met with manager John LaJoie, who was happy to give us a quick tour of the inn. In addition to the main inn, they have added a number of very nice rooms around the property.

We found that during the early 1900s there were over 75 grand hotels and country inns that framed the rugged beauty of the White Mountains.

Today, only the Mount Washington Hotel, the Balsams, the Mountain View Grand, Eastern Slope Inn and the Wentworth have withstood the test of time. In keeping with the legacy and elegance of these “Great Ladies” the owners of the contemporary Kearsarge Inn began a meticulous restoration in 2002 of a late 1800’s village residence into North Conway’s first boutique hotel.KearsargeBed1

Today the Kearsage has a wide variety of rooms – all nicely appointed and comfortable.

You can choose from the Select, Deluxe, Luxury, Penthouse or their Kearsarge Suite – located next door.

Rooms run from $69 to $250 depending on season and the rooms you choose.

John brought us around and showed us all the different rooms and then ours for the night, which was a deluxe room. A large, spacious and comfortable place on the second floor of one of the newer buildings.

KearsargeporchWe grabbed a local cup of brew and then took a seat on the porch along the Kearsarge, taking in the relaxed atmosphere.

Still, it is located right in the middle of North Conway and we’d recommend getting in early and taking a walk around town. There are a number of interesting shops – one being The Penguin which, according to my friend Nate, has the “Best Gift Ideas” on the planet. We did pick up a bunch of odd and cool stuff here.

There are plenty of restaurants in town, as well as the Kearsarge’s own Deacon Street right next door. There is even an opportunity to take a dinner train ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad if you like. This is an excellent way to see the surrounding mountains and countryside from a different perspective than behind the handlebars.

Come morning we heartily recommend The Stairway Café, which is right around the corner – a very hip place, super food and great music. But, get there early as it gets crowded as the people arise from the previous night revelries.KearsargeStairwayCafe

If the idea of the middle of town puts you off in any way the Kearsarge has a sister inn up the road a piece in Jackson called the Wildcat Inn & Tavern, where they have their own pub and restaurant and comfortable rooms upstairs as well – but offer the same hospitality that we found with the Kearsarge Inn. Both places work well for traveling riders.

This region is perfect most of the riding season, but glorious in the Autumn – but book way in advance for this time of the year.