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Brian Rathjen and Shira Kamil - Publishers

The heart and soul of Backroads, these two have been riding a number of different machines for years. It is not uncommon to find them at various motorcycle events and other related functions.

When not scouring the planet looking for the next great touring story, they can be found at their humble home in the Backroads Central Compound, located in the forests of northwestern NJ.


Bill Heald

Probably the most prolific of the Backroads crew, you’ll find Heald’s name popping up in a number of excellent moto-publications. His unique style and witty outlook make him one of the top freelancers in the business.

Bill and his longtime friend Danielle live on a farm deep in the Nutmeg state, along with a large number of dogs, cats and horses.

Jeff Bahr • 1958-2014

New Jersey native Jeff Bahr, veteran author of all things weird, odd and off the wall, has his own unique way of looking at the world and motorcycling in particular. And, he isn’t afraid to let you know about it.

His topics always seemed to range from near and far and he quickly became a favorite here in the pages of Backroads.

We will miss him very much.

Mark Byers

A chance meeting with Brian and Shira on a Montana tour is how Mark was introduced to the crew. A few touring articles, a couple Backroads events, and a few "Cycle Sidebars" later and this motorcycle-riding engineer and writer has joined our regular contributors. When he's not serving as a motorcycle referee for bicycle races, Mark can be found riding his BMW R1150RT two-up with his wife Betsy from their home in Southern Maryland.

Doctor Seymour O’Life

Little is truly known about Seymour, yet he constantly pops up at Monkey with a Gun, Backroads’ private watering hole, with some of the most bizarre places to which one can ride their motorcycle.

His Mysterious America column has long been a favorite