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You can download all the great Rip & Rides that are printed in the pages. We'll even list some that have not made it into the magazine - just some great routes that we've put together for our own amusement. Enjoy, and we hope to see you on the road.


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Catskill Mountain Store: 250 mile loop (sort of) starting High Point SP to Windham, NY (return route) ending in Branchville, NJ

Indian Lake Restaurant: Here's on for Americade - 200 mile loop from Lake George to Indian Lake for lunch

Sorrenti's Pizza: 90 mile ride from the former Red Apple Rest, Southfields, NY to Pizza and Winery in Saylorsburg, PA

Elias Cole: A great place for a meal and SAVE ROOM FOR PIE. 95 miles starting from the George Washington Bridge to Sussex, NJ

Gunk Haus: So good we'll give you two routes to Highland NY, one from Great Barrington MA (72 miles) and one from the GWB (97 miles)

Water Wheel Cafe: In the peaceful burg of Milford PA. 115 miles starting from the George Washington Bridge

Dottie Audrey's Cafe: A wonderful spot for breakfast, lunch or dessert and coffee. 70 miles from Sleepy Hollow NY to Tuxedo Park, NY

Lunch Ride to Maggie's Krooked Cafe: 100 mile ride to a quirky cafe in Hunter, NY from the old site of the Red Apple Rest

Lunch Ride to Blue Mountain Drive-In: 104 mile ride from Kosco Harley-Davidson to the Blue Mountain Drive-In, Danielsville, PA

Reigelsville Hotel and Restaurant: 111 mile ride from Kinnellon NJ to Reigelsville, PA

Best Crab Cakes in Maryland: 85 mile ride from Lancaster, PA to Stoney Creek Inn, outskirts of Baltimore, MD

Short Ride with Great Food and Mystery: It's only 50 miles, but you'll have the best breakfast in NJ and see some strange stuff

Vanilla Bean Cafe: 100 miles from Max's BMW to the Vanilla Bean Cafe, a motorcycle's haven

The Boat House Lunch Ride: 75 mile O/W starting from Augusta, NJ to Ossining, NY.

Park your bike and Raise your Fork: 100 mile O/W to the cutest little find in Northeast PA, the Forklift Cafe. Remember to save room for dessert, or at least a spot in your saddlebag to take some home.

The Fishin' Pig: 120 mile O/W from Fredericksburg VA to Farmville VA. From salads to barbecue, this place will fit the bill.

The Helm: 50-mile ride from Hudson Valley MC, Ossining, NY to Greenwood Lake, NY

Yianni's at the Chatham House: 110 miles from Bear Mtn Bridge to Yianni Chatham House

Tavern 1757: 60 mile ride from Bear Mtn Bridge to Seymour, CT

Fly Creek Cider Mill: 150-mile route from Branchville NJ to Fly Creek, NY

Gourmet Gallery: 80-mile one-way route from Red Apple Rest, Southfield, NY to Blairstown, NJ


Big W's BBQ: 88 mile jaunt from Cliff's Cycle Revolution in Connecticut

Wood's Pit BBQ: A 120-mile appetizer ride, starting from Bergen Co. Harley-Davidson in Rochelle Park, NJ

Never Too Much BBQ: Take a tasty ride to Kundla's BBQ from Memorial Day thru mid-October and you'll have the best meal of the summer. Flintstone-sized ribs and chicken to die for and one helluva ride - 160 mile R/T from Augusta, NJ.

Billy Joe's Ribworks: 75 mile ride from George Washington Bridge to Newburgh, NY


Grounds for Sculpture: Plan to spend a good deal of time at this beautiful art park. For a fine lunch, make a reservation at Rat's. Here's a 95 mile ride from the Chatterbox Drive in, Augusta, NJ to Hamilton Township, NJ

Wing's Castle: 100 mile ride from Port Jervis, NY brings you to this masterpiece of a structure. Handbuilt by Peter Wing and his family, it's an ongoing project which is now also a quirky overnight lodging. Admission cost and tour reservations needed

Michaux State Park and Appalacian Trail Museum: Should you be at the Shippen Hotel, Shippensburg, PA here's a 130 mile loop through the park with a stop at the very interesting and informative Appalachian Trail Museum.

Bear Mountain Car Cruise: Every Wednesday from May to September you'll find hundreds of cars, and some motorcycles too, from every era at the Bear Mountain State Park. Parking fee. 70 mile ride from the Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ

Martin Guitar Factory: Here's a great destination for anyone who loves guitars or appreciates their beauty. 60 mile ride from the Chatterbox, August, NJ to Nazareth, PA. One hour free tour Mon-Fri. 11am-2pm at regular intervals

Three Peaks Ride: A great ride for the autumn to view the beauty from above. 65 mile ride starting at the Chatterbox Drive-in, Augusta, NJ and passing through Sunrise Mountain, High Point State Park and Elk Brox Park

Knoebel's Amusement Park: 100 miles from Portland PA Toll Bridge to Knoebels Amusement Park


Frog Hollow Farm B&B: A quaint getaway, and a perfect alternative for overpriced, overcrowded New Hope, PA. 85 mile ride from the Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ to Kintnersville, PA

The Globe Inn: Take a ride back in time to the Globe Inn. 95 miles from the Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ to Greenville, PA

Inn at Millrace Pond: With its historic setting, the Inn at Millrace Pond gives you a great meal with a comfortable bed. 100 mile ride starting in Nyack, NY and ending in Hope, NJ

Bavarian Manor Inn: Spend the night in a piece of history and have a tremendous German meal as well. 125 mile ride from the Elias Cole, Sussex, NJ to Purling, NY

Heading to the Andes (Hotel, that is): 135 mile O/W ride from Jumboland, Rte. 206 in NJ to Andes, NY via Cha Cha Hut's new home in Arkville

South to General Lewis Inn: 400+ ride from Intersection of I-81/I-78 to General Lewis Inn, Lewisburg, WV

The Erie Hotel - Lunch, Dinner, Overnight?: 90 mile O/W ride from GWB to the Erie Hotel/Restaurant in Port Jervis, NY

Lackawanna Station Hotel: 110 mile O/W ride from Hanover NJ to Scranton PA

Whistling Swan Bed & Breakfast: 65-miles from New Hope, PA to Stanhope, NJ

Catskill Mountains Resort: 130 mile one-way route from Ossining, NY to Barryville, NY


Hayek's Ice Cream Shop: Though not making their own, they serve Cliff's Ice Cream from their window May thru October. 100 mile ride starting in Harriman State Park and ending in Newton, NJ

OwOwCow Creamery: Feeling generous, another two routes for your sweet treat pleasure. Both 90 mile O/W; one from the Chatterbox Drive-in in Augusta, NJ and the other from Applegate Farm in Montclair, NJ

Ride Along the Delaware for Ice Cream: 85 miles O/W starting at the Red Apple Rest in Southfields, NY to Kelly's Ice Cream.

Pennings Farm Market: 70 mile O/W from the Daily Planet in Lagrangeville, NY

More Ice Cream? Of course!: Here's a 50+/- mile O/W ride from Washington Crossing State Park to Easton, PA and the Purple Cow

Das' Creamery: Some of the best ice cream Shira's tasted in 2016 - creative flavors and wonderful people. Short 45 mile ride from Hanover Powersports, Route 10, Hanover, NJ to Budd Lake, NJ

Longacre's Modern Dairy: Housed in a working dairy, you can get some breakfast and ice cream. Starting from Lebanon, NJ here's a 65 mile ride to Barto, PA

JJ Scoops: A nice little 120 mile loop starting at the truck stop on Route 80 in Knowlton, NJ, you'll pass a replica windmill in Holland Township, NJ before reaching Clinton, NJ

Manning's Diary Bar: Pastoral setting with cows and everything. 160 mile loop from Jumboland, Route 206, Branchville, NJ to Dalton, PA

Sundae Ride thru Connecticut: A five star-five stop 110 mile ice cream ride starting at one A.C Petersen in Old Lyme and ending at another A.C. Petersen in West Hartford, CT

National Ice Cream Day Ride: 85 mile ride to celebrate the wonderful ice cream. Start at Das' Creamery, Budd Lake, NJ, lunch at Thisilldous, Belvidere, NJ and end up at the Cow's Brow at Windy Brow Farm, Newton, NJ - printed route sheet

Curly's Creamery: Get your scoop and take a seat to enjoy the great variety served here. 80 miles from under the GWB to Riverdale, NJ

Frosty Rock Creamery: Though Middletown, NY is not the most picturesque spot, this 75 mile ride starting just north of the GWB will bring you smiles before you relax with your cup or cone

Ferris Acres Farm: A big THANK YOU to our friend Trish for turning us on to this gem. Another working farm, with picnic benches and scenery from which to enjoy your homemade ice cream, once you've decided from their HUUUUUGE menu. Have some lunch at the Barnstormer BBQ in Fort Montgomery, NY before taking this 80 mile ride to Newtown, CT

Inside Scoop: A '50s-themed ice cream parlor with homemade waffle cones and creative flavors at the end of this 80 mile ride starting at the Branchville Grille, Branchville, NJ and ending in Coopersburg, PA

Last Licks Ice Cream: A serendipitous find after visiting our friends at Hanover Powersports. Tucked in the industrial area behind Route 10, you'll find a rainbow at the end of your 60 mile ride starting at the Chatterbox Drive-In, Augusta, NJ (hit their Thursday Bike Night and end with a cone)

Fox Island Creamery: 130-mile O/W from Easton, PA to Greenwood Lake, NJ for some scenic slurping of ice cream cones on Greenwood Lake.

Mini-Maryland Ice Cream Trail: 80-mile Maryland Ice Cream Loop

Klein Farm Dairy: 60-mile ride from Chatterbox Drive-In and 75-mile return to Elias Cole, Sussex, NJ


Where No Rider Has Gone Before: This was a Mystery Ride from 2016 Americade, but we'll let you know that in Ticonderoga, NY you'll find a perfectly rebuilt Starship Enterprise. 150 mile loop from Lake George, NY. $22.50 per person admission with seasonal hours

Walkill River Ride: One of the few rivers that runs north, this 100 mile ride follows the Wallkill from its beginning in Lake Mohawk, Sparta, NJ to the Roundout Creek which empties into the Hudson River in Kingston, NY

West Virginia Lunatics and Lunch Ride: Here's one from our last trip to Elkins, WV. 200 mile loop from the Isaac Jackson Hotel visits the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (tours available-check website) and a nice Swiss lunch in Helvetia at the Hutte

West Virginia Fantasy: Brian's 125 mile loop from the Isaac Jackson Hotel, Elkins, WV - some off-road portions

Backroads 250: It's A Jersey Thing. The Original Road Tour highlighting the beauty and emptiness of New Jersey. Start at the Chatterbox Drive-In, Augusta, NJ and ends at the Orchard Beer Garden, Stanhope, NJ (Open Saturdays @ 2pm, Sundays @ 12:30)

Backroads 200 Tri-State Tour: Return of our Road Tour bringing you through New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania with a start/end at the Chatterbox Drive In, Augusta, NJ

Train Wreck of a Ride: 135 mile from Hope, NJ to Elias Cole, Sussex, NJ.We'll give you a great ride and a history lesson, throwing in a lunch stop at one of the best restaurants in New Jersey.


Hillier Than Thou: The Ups and Downs of New Jersey. One of our most downloaded routes.

Baseball Hall of Fame: 165 mile ride from Port Jervis, NY to Cooperstown, NY's Baseball Hall of Fame

Punkin Chunkin: 200 miles to Lewes, DE - home of the Punkin Chunkin Festival

Hudson River School of Art Trail: 50 mile art history lesson, starting at Olana, home of Frederick Church, Poughkeepsie, NY

Day at the Park: 90 mile ride from Sussex County, NJ to Nav Aug Park outside of Scranton, PA

An Honorable Ride: 60 mile ride from the GWB to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, New Windsor, NY

Search for Rip Van Winkle: Starting in Port Jervis, NY take a 115 mile ride in search of Rip Van Winkle

Snowmobile Museum: 95 mile ride from the GWB to the Snowmobile Museum, Sussex County, NJ

Toy Robot Museum: Starting at the truck stop at the Delaware Water Gap, 115 miles to one of the funnest museums you'll find

It's About Time: From the Bear Mountain Bridge, you go 85 miles to the Time Expo Museum

Take a Walk over the Hudson: An easy 85 mile ride from Sussex County, NJ to the Walkway over the Hudson

Back from the Bridge with some Sausage: And 85 miles back via Quaker Creek Farm Store in Goshen

A Ride Down to History: Make this 450 mile ride to Harper's Ferry's Town Inn a two-dayer and do some exploring on your own

Nyuck, Nyuck Ride: 70 miles of fun from Sussex Cty, NJ to the Stoogeum outside of Philadelphia, PA, you knuckleheads

Take a Spin to Spin & Margie's: If you find yourself in Southern California, make the trip to Joshua Tree - you'll be glad you did

Wine, Music and Riding: The Warwick Valley Winery has tunes all summer long. Check their schedule and bring home a bottle of wine

Flowers, History and much more: The NJ Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ offers a great day's ride. Here are two routes, one from the east starting in Fort Lee, NJ (60 miles) and one from the west starting at the Delaware Water Gap (90 miles)

PA Northeast Highlands Ride: 170-mile day, or overnight, ride through the great roads of NE Pennsylvania starting at Dingmans, PA

Americade/Lake George Day Trip: 160-mile R/T includes lunch, shopping, a swimming hole and a great ride

Jacks and Whites: 150 mile R/T through the Ramapough Indian territory.

Route 11 Chips Ride: 215 mile R/T starting from Morton's BMW in Fredericksburg, VA.

Ride to the Falls: 125 mile O/W starting from the George Washington Bridge. Do this after some heavy rains and you won't be disappointed with the ride or the Falls.

To Oz? To Oz!: This one's an overnighter, starting from Port Jervis, NY and ending at one of the funkiest B&Bs you'll find in the heart of the Allegheny mountians. If you're afraid of heights, take a seat on the deck and just watch.

Thar's Oil in them Hills: If you've done the ride to Oz and are looking for more Allegheny riding, try this 225 mile ride to the Drake Well Museum in Titusville, PA

Some Local History: 65 miles O/W ride to the Pocono Indian Museum. Find out what Big Red Eye really was.

Train Wreck of a Ride: 135 mile one-way from Hope, NJ to Elias Cole Restaurant, Sussex, NJ

CHASING THE COLORS FALL RIDES (from October 2017 issue)

Looping Around Vermont: 165-mile through Vermont

Adirondack Foray: 107 mile ride through the Adirondacks of NY

Catskill Mountain Romp: 160 mile ride through the Catskills of NY

Two Rivers Romp: 120 mile ride connecting the Hudson and Delaware rivers

New Jersey Fireworks: 150 mile romp through the skylands of New Jersey

The Virginias: 295 mile ride through West Virginia and Virginia


Spring Break 2013 - Cooperstown, NY. 200-mile ride from Augusta, NJ to Cooperstown, NY170-mile loop with lunch, ice cream and park stop

100-mile one-way from Cooperstown to Syracuse Dinosaur BBQ

Fall Fiesta 2013 - Williamsport, PA. 190-mile ride from Port Jervis, NY to Williamsport, PA125-mile loop for breakfast at the Brass Pellican in Benton, PA and ice cream in Eagles Mere200-mile loop from Williamsport to Penn State Creamery275-mile loop from Williamsport to Kinzua Bridge State Park

Fall Fiesta 2014 - Shippensburg, PA. 200-miles from Columbia, NJ to Shippensburg, PA300-mile loop with Texas Lunch and Swigart Auto Museum230-mile loop to Johnstown Flood Memorial Museum200-mile loop to AACA Museum Hershey PA130-mile State Park Loop160-mile loop to the Road Kill Cafe, Artemas, PA

Spring Break 2015 - Lake Placid, NY. 230-mile ice cream and lunch loop190-mile VT loop thru Hero Island150-mile loop with lunch and stop at the Wild Center

Fall Fiesta 2015 - Elkins WV. 180-miles from George Washington Hotel, Winchester VA to Elkins, WV250-miles from Elkins to Shippensburg PA230-miles from Shippensburg to Delaware Water Gap200-mile Helvetia Lunch Ride125-mile loop to Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum125-mile West Virginia Fantasies Loop (may have dirt)

Spring Break 2016 - Bemus Point, NY. 215-miles from Wellsboro PA to Bemus Point, NY215-mile loop from Hotel Lenhart Promethius Ride165-milel loop to Lucille Ball Museum and ice cream250-miles from Bemus Point to Williamsport PA

Fall Fiesta 2016 - Jackson, NH. 185-miles from Port Jervis to Saratoga, NY250-miles from Saratoga to Jackson, NH250-mile Covered Bridge loop with lunch andice cream stop285-mile Notch Loop - DIRT INVOLVED185-mile loop to the Clam Shackin ME for Lobstah Rolls

Spring Break 2014 - Marion, VA. Two Valleys-One Hump 125 mile loop with Back of the Dragon200-mile loop to Breaks Park100 mile loop including Route 80 and Back of the Dragon140 mile R/T south to North Carolina thru Mt Rogers Rec Area and the Snake

Spring Break 2017, West Virginia. Delaware Water Gap to Berkeley Springs WVBerkeley Springs to Stonewall Jackson ResortShira's Salty Sweet RideMyths and LegendsSweet Little SixteenMarietta Mound Builders Lunch Ride