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Great roads, superb food, good times - do we need more?

Without any doubt our most popular column. The Great All American Diner Run, or GAADR, gives our readers some of the best places to ride for a great meal. Whether it be some hidden barbecue in the Adirondacks or a crab place in the Chesapeake, the GAADR gives the very best eateries, and like most things in Backroads, we'll supply a super way to get there as well with our own Rip & Ride® Route Sheets.

Backroads Cafe & Dairy Bar

BackroadsOutsideFF18We were just returning from the 2018 Ramapo 500 run when we got a message from our friend John with an image attached. Apparently he had passed this café along the route and asked if we knew about it. We had seen it on a previous ride but the café had relocated. We made note to pay it a visit soon.

Soon came when we were returning from another Pennsylvania ride and decided to finish the last part of the Ramapo 500 route. Just about lunchtime, we saw the big yellow sign up ahead and pulled in to the Backroads Café & Dairy Bar for a bite.BackroadsFood

Country décor and friendly folks with tables enough for a good-sized group or just the two of us, we took a seat and a look at the menu. The Backroads Café serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6am to 9pm daily (breakfast until 3pm). Christine and Dan moved the café from Gouldsboro and are serving up some seriously good dishes in their new digs.

Starting with breakfast, you’ll find your eggs, bacon, sausage and such with the option of creating your own omelette to include a number of different meats, veggies and cheeses. There’s pancakes, French toast and waffles – sweet or savory – which can be piled as high as you like. For the health-conscious there’s oatmeal with the accouterment and daily specials to entice.

Lunch will bring you burgers, hot and cold sandwiches and subs (hoagies, should you prefer that vernacular) as well as chicken or lamb gyro and a Monte Cristo that sounds delicious – turkey, smoked ham, homemade 1000 Island dressing and Swiss on grilled Texas French toast (I’ll take the check and a nap, please).

Route 507/1048 Main St, Newfoundland, PA 18445 • 570-216-1222


If you’re running late and need some dinner, their menu includes pastas, chops, chicken, beef and fish with homemade soups, salads and sides. You can also get anything on the lunch menu for dinner. Of course, you should save room for dessert no matter what, as right next to the dining room is their ice cream shop serving Hershey’s ice cream as well as soft serve. You can indulge in cups, cones, milkshakes, sundaes or whatever creation your ice cream mind can come up with.

This day Brian and I went polar opposite. He ordered a very healthy chef salad, which was piled high with all things that should be in a chef salad. I dove into the Texas weiner consisting of a Gutheiz weiner split and grilled with homemade Texas sauce, brown spicy mustard and grilled onions – it literally bestilled my heart and was finger-licking good.BackroadsInside

We found ourselves returning to Backroads Café during our Fall Fiesta this past September. It was time for a little leg-stretching break and, as if on cue, the bright yellow sign popped into view. We pulled in with our riding crew for a cup of coffee and a little nosh, which consisted of a variety of hot, buttered muffins, always a hit. Sated and revived, we continued on with a wave of a hand and a snapshot from Dan. It turned out we weren’t the only ones to take advantage of a great place to stop along our route, as more Fall Fiesta riders dropped in for a bite.

BackroadsPhillyBoysChristine, Dan and crew do a super job of serving up some great homemade food in a comfortable environment. They are very motorcycle-friendly, have a large parking area and are located near some very tasty roads. We’ll do our best to get you there with a fun ride so you can enjoy your meal and return to the backroads.

Go HERE for route download.