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Great roads, superb food, good times - do we need more?

Without any doubt our most popular column. The Great All American Diner Run, or GAADR, gives our readers some of the best places to ride for a great meal. Whether it be some hidden barbecue in the Adirondacks or a crab place in the Chesapeake, the GAADR gives the very best eateries, and like most things in Backroads, we'll supply a super way to get there as well with our own Rip & Ride® Route Sheets.

Fezz's Diner

FezzOutsideThe Grand Highway of the Republic, also called U.S. Route 6, stretches from the end of Cape Cod all the way to Bishop, California. A true Mother Road.

As it runs through Pennsylvania it winds along the Endless Mountains and makes for a pleasurable and almost calming motorcycle journey.

Just outside the small town of Coudersport – near the soon to be famous Ice Cave - you will find something else grand; an old-style Silk City Diner built in Paterson, New Jersey back in the day (1954 was BITD) that was hauled from its previous location in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to its present spot about 30 years back.

FezzInsideFrontThese days you have to pay attention as you ride along Route 6 to find it, as it is set back about a block off the highway to the left as you head west, but it is well worth the search.

The diner still has the classic look to it, but there now is a large dining room built into the back. This back room is all done up with American memorabilia and adds to the classic feel that the original Silk City Diner offers up front.

We took a seat up in the original, which we thought the proper thing to do for a Great All American Diner Run.

Like many diners across the nation, Fezz’s is embracing the classic Americana motif – playing on iconic names and places from post World War America.

Their burgers, which were thick, juicy and perfectly cooked, take their names accordingly. The Big Bopper - a hearty bacon cheeseburger, The Cowboy and a few named after great American cities like Philly and Buffalo made as you would think they would be as is the Italian.

If your heart is in well enough shape and there are no cardiac issues you’ll maybe go for the ‘Nightmare Burger - a beef hamburger with sausage patties, bacon, ham, cheddar AND American cheese… CLEAR!

If you like consolidation try the Pocket Burger – loose meat, fries, shredded cheese and BBQ sauce all stuffed into a shell. Okay, then.

9 Ice Mine Road, Coudersport, PA 16915 • 814-274-3399

120-mile R/T GPS and printed PDF download available here:


FezzBurgerShira spied a Bacon Blue Burger and it was her burger du jour. A super choice and really well prepared, we might add.

Looking around at what others in the diner ordered I spied an order of chicken wings – which Fezz’s will serve you mild, Cajun, bbq, hot, garlic parm or teriyaki.

They serve up regular sandwiches as well – a BLT, egg, tuna or chicken salad grilled cheese and turkey club – which is usually my “go to” choice as I like being Shira’s Mr. Predictable.

Their sandwich made the club!

The salads looked excellent as well and you have a choice of the Chef, grilled or Buffalo chicken and a really delicious looking steak salad. All of these can be had at full or half servings.

Before my turkey club arrived a scoffed down a cup of the BEST cream of mushroom soup I have ever had.

Most of the nation’s mushroom crop come from caves in this state and here at Fezz’s, unlike other diners that maybe pass a mushroom over the pot, they use real, big, chunks of tasty and awesome mushrooms in their soup.

Superb and looking back I would have had a bowl!

They have a number of Paninis – a Philly, turkey, mushroom and Swiss, hot beef and cheddar and a meatloaf on rye.

They do serve dinner if it is that time of the day or you are really famished. Their meatloaf and pot roast are listed under The Rat Pack – with accompanying images of Frankie, Dino and the boys added along for ambiance.

Of course you will find all sorts of desserts, ice creams and shakes as well – just what you would expect from the classic American Diner.

And, that is what Fezz’s truly is - a classic example of the Great American Roadside diner - and, unfortunately something that is slowly fading from the landscape of the nation from which it was sprung.

If on Route 6 riding through the Endless Mountains west of Wellsboro – stop by Fezz’s, it is worth the trip.

We’ll start this Rip & Ride from the Penn Wells Hotel in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania – home to more than one Backroads Rally. Be forewarned that this very well may have some unpaved portions of varying degrees of difficulty – it is the Endless Mountain region, after all. There are more direct and longer ways to get from Wellsboro to Coudersport on paved roads – be creative, have fun and enjoy your Americana meal.