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We all work hard and hopefully we all play harder. Each month We’re Outta Here gives our readers some of the finer places that you and yours can get away to for that nice trip on the road. Whether it be a romantic inn for two or a super region for your whole riding group, this monthly column will give you thoughts and ideas to keep traveling on your motorcycle always a fresh and new experience.

Borland Inn & Brunch House

130 Clinton St, Montgomery, NY 12549 • 845-457-1513

BorlandSignA few years back we did an article on the Wallkill River, one of the few rivers in North America that flows to the north and, although considered a tributary of the Hudson River we know that its source is Lake Mohawk in Sparta, New Jersey where it begins its 90-mile meandering to the Rondout Creek – before the flowing big river and back south.

The Wallkill is an enjoyable river to follow on a motorcycle, as the roads that mimic its course run at a fun and pleasant pace and along the way the marshy waterway passes through many towns that have long and deep histories dating back to the Revolutionary War – one of these is Montgomery, New York.

The town had a few different names before they settled on Montgomery in 1782 - naming the town for Richard Montgomery, a Revolutionary general killed in the Battle of Quebec. The town was also called the ‘The Transportation Hub of the Northeast’ for the number of rail that ran through the region.

The town celebrates their namesake with General Montgomery Day, on the Saturday after Labor Day – with an old-fashion town parade, bands, vintage cars and fire trucks.

Nowadays Montgomery is a quaint Wallkill River burg that has much to offer riders passing through while exploring the region. We think there is something well worth the ride all by itself and that is the Borland House.

BorlandBedoomOriginally built in 1789, it is one of the oldest homes in the region and offers both lodgings and a superb restaurant. The original house saw a Greek Revival addition in the 1830s - constructed by Charles Borland. He and his wife, Isabella Hill Borland, lived there until their death.

The Inn has three large rooms: The Montgomery, the original master bedroom built in the 1800s, offers 12 ft. ceilings, a queen bed and a waterfall shower head·in your own private detached bathroom. The Hanlon room is equally as nice and the Isabella is a queen room with private bath (large walk-in shower) on a private floor built entirely in 1789.

BorlandMontgomeryRoomWe found the rooms comfortable, cozy and warm and the great location of the Borland Inn for motorcycle exploration an added bonus.

There is something about resting your head in a home that has been around for centuries that we feel appealing and restful.

Along with the rooms for the night comes breakfast, and owner/Chef Anna Frumes and family really shine here. The menu changes a bit with the seasons, but it almost all combines Anna’s culinary talents with local farm-to-table offerings. The chef also offers a private cooking class or a private five-course tasting menu.

BorlandHarissaBorlandHallTableBorlandFrenchToastThere is plenty to choose from – whether you overnight or just ride up for a meal – as the restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Starters like buttermilk ricotta donuts, avocado toast with chick peas and poutine can be had.

Borland’s poached eggs & creamed leeks are considered to be one of Anna’s best (it sure looked amazing) – but we were very satisfied with the crispy harissa scramble and the seasonal baked French toast.

They also pride themselves on the “Build Your Own Grilled Cheese” sandwiches. Who wouldn’t?

We spied other offerings at the table near us and the women there agreed it was all scrumptiously superb.

It seemed just about everything was – from the ambience, the rooms, the service to the friendliness of the staff and the food itself – all very, very nice.

BorlandCoffeeWhat also excelled was Borland Inn & Brunch House’s coffee – truly outstanding. As coffee snobs we think their coffee is almost worth the ride by itself.

We like the French-press so much that we took a to-go cup for our stroll around the town after brunch.

Whether you are looking for something a little different for an overnight escape or a place a little different to ride to for a brunch, then the Borland Inn & Brunch House is hard to beat. Rooms run from $99 to $149 and up, with breakfast, depending on dates and, to make it a bit more fun, we will give you an excellent route to bring you up there.



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