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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream. There is no season for this tasty treat, and Shira will bring you to the ends of the earth, or at least your nearest dairy, for this frozen delight. Whether homemade or not, the ride will be worth the extra calories. This monthly column has become one of the highlights of every issue - we hope you enjoy it too.

Butterfields Ice Cream

946 W Main St, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426 • 207-564-2514 • Seasonal: April-Sept.

ButterfieldOutsideIt seems that many East Coast states now have an ice cream trail. Last year I followed along Maryland’s for a bit and found some very delectable dairy delights, thanks to Larry Cain’s suggestions. I’ve been to several of New York’s selections, and could very well put together my own for New Jersey.

When we were planning a trip to the northeast corner of the US, Maine to be specific, I poked around to see what stops were on their ice cream trail. Many were to be found along the coast, as the tourist flow along those byways is heavy during the summer months, also seen as ice cream season. But we were not heading that way this trip and, much to my favor, I came across a place that would very nicely fit into our plans.ButterfieldWhoopiePieIceCream

Butterfield’s Ice Cream is a family owned and operated shop, where they make their own ice cream, and have been scooping out happiness since 1950. There is some indoor and outdoor seating. In addition to their many flavors and creations, they offer food of substance before your dessert. Let’s start there.

We took a seat at one of their indoor tables and perused the menu. There were two women sitting at the next table and we asked if they were locals and if they had a suggestion. Nellie and Jan (mother and daughter) said all was good, especially if you like fried food. Jan did mention that there was nothing ‘green’ to be had – hmmm, I thought lettuce, tomato, onions and pepper were all from the ground. They offer up haddock, clams, lobster rolls, chicken sandwiches and burgers, all in various forms. We settled on the steak and cheese sandwich with said peppers and onions and a Hound Dog, a deep fried, bacon wrapped red or brown hot dog with onions and cheese – perhaps the single item that would most require the defibrillator. I made a slight alteration and topped it with chili instead of onions and cheese – seemed just the thing to do. Throw on a side of some of the best onion rings I’ve tasted in a long time, and that was one hell of a meal.

Having saved room for dessert, we took a look at the long list of flavors offered on the board. There are the staples and there are the seasonal flavors. As with most restaurants, one should always try the specials because, well, they are special. There was Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake for Memorial Day, Ice Cream of Doom – vanilla with crushed Oreos and M+Ms, ButterfieldICandSignWhoopie Pie and Mint Katahdin Breeze. Seeing as we had ridden all this way to see the mighty mountain, I had to have a scoop of that. I added a scoop of Daak Chocolate, which complimented the flavor of the mint. Both were super creamy, fully flavored and the perfect consistency. Since Brian is the savoir of turtles it was only fitting for him to have a scoop of Turtle Tracks – vanilla ice cream with chocolate caramel turtles, pecans and a caramel swirl (no turtles were harmed to produce this ice cream).

We took our ice cream outside to one of the picnic tables and enjoyed the late spring sunshine, which had graced us for most of this trip. Butterfields is set on a main road, not too far from the local school, so I would imagine they get some pretty heavy traffic before school lets out in the June. We were fortunate to have it quiet on the day we visited and were able to savor our sweets in peace.ButterfieldIceCreamMural

Should you find yourself traveling through the middle of Maine, plan a stop at Butterfield’s Ice Cream. It’s been a tradition with the locals and visitors since 1950 – and has my seal of approval as well. Enjoy!